About Us

PT. DEVSAAN INDUSTECH based in Jakarta, Indonesia, sells a wide range of pumps & equipment for industrial and process applications. The company was established in 2011 with one mission: to bring a real, high quality industrial equipment store to the Jakarta area. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us in the beginning and it continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves in the superior experience of shopping in our industrial equipment store and in the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers.

We strive to provide accurate, timely & cost effective solutions based on specific needs of our customers with quality products, service & commitment being backed by over twenty one years experience in this business.

Our products are well suited for a wide variety of industrial & process applications and we are ready to serve customers all over Indonesia. Our product quality is second to none and we stand by all our products with a guarantee of one year against any manufacturing defects. Major spares are readily available for all our products.

Why Choose Us?


- Ready stock of products and spares

- Competitive price

- Timely delivery

- Accurate technical advice for right product selection

- Timely after sales service


PT. DEVSAAN INDUSTECH is committed to :-

- Achieve & sustain market leadership of industrial pumps & allied products by providing total customer satisfaction from order inception up to product installation. 

- We wish to achieve & maintain high standards of quality management system by employee motivation, participation & continuous improvement in our operations.

- All our products are time tested & of a high quality, being manufactured by reputable & certified factories.


Our products include but are not limited to Gear pumps, Pneumatic diaphragm pumps, Pneumatic submersible pumps, Electric drum pumps, Pneumatic drum pump, Hand operated drum pumps, High viscous drum pumps, SS-316 pumps, Sanitary pumps, ​Polypropylene pumps, PVDF pumps, Open impeller centrifugal pumps, End suction centrifugal pumps, Self priming transfer pumps, Hot oil centrifugal pumps, Magnetic drive pumps, Rotary lobe pumps, Progressive cavity screw pumps, Chemical pumps, Acid pumps, Vertical gear pumps, Dosing & Metering pumps, Vacuum pumps, Rotary vane pumps and DC pumps.

​We also sell other products such as Portable fuel dispenser AC & DC, Digital dispenser, Oval gear flow meter, Rotary vane bulk flow meter, Analog flow meters, Digital flow meters, Fuel flow meters, Polypropylene valves and fittings, Electric and pneumatic stirrer, Drum stirrer, Pneumatic hand tools, Needle scaler, Brass plug, Pneumatic coupler, Single phase motor starters, Single phase control panel, Autoswitch, Water level controller, SS-304 & Polypropylene nozzle, SS-304 Digital meter nozzle, Aluminum nozzle and Jaw flex coupling,​


Asphalt, bitumen, tar, magma & other road construction materials, Boiler low pour fuel oil, black oil & hot oil, Cellulose starch, Chocolate waste product, Coal tar & other mining products, Cosmetic, creams, nail polish, shampoo & hair oil, De-greasing fluids, dispensing fluids & antifreeze mixing, Dry cleaning fluids, Effluents & sewage, Fine powder slurry, Food products, dairy products & thick paste, Food processing waste, Fuels & oils of both low & high viscosity, Glue, Latex, Lime slurry, Mineral & metal slurry transfer, Molasses, Naptha & phenol resin, Palm oil, butter & all types of vegetable oils, Paint, solvent, pigment & varnish transfer, Pharmaceutical products like glucose, glycol, sugar solution & syrups, Plaster, grout & mud dewatering, Pressurized foam for fire fighting, Printing inks & dyes, RO & drinking water systems, Ship waste & bilge, Slips & mud, Sludge, Soap solutions & lard, Tapioca, Viscous chemicals, Wax, Wood pulp, Etc.


Agriculture sector, Automotive sector, Boiler installations, Candle industry, Cannery & tannery, Ceramic & tile industry, Chemical & plating industry, Coal slurries, Cosmetic industry, Commercial laundries, Cement industry, Construction industry, Dairy industry, Distilleries, breweries, wineries, Alcohol plants, Effluent & sewage treatment plants, FMCG industry, Food & confectionery industry, Fire fighting, Fruit pulp & juice industry, Fuel & oil transfer, Glass industry, Mining industry, Mineral & metal industries, Naptha industry, Oil mills, Oil storage installations, Packaging industry, Paper industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Potteries & clay slurries, Power plant, Printing industry, Refineries & bio-fuel industries, Rubber industry, Shipping industry, Soap industry, Steel mills, Textile mills​ and many more.


Google Maps Plus Code : VR38+HR Mangga Besar, West Jakarta City, Jakarta

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PT. Devsaan Industech Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC Glodok) LT.1 No.K/L1/F-6 Jalan Hayam Wuruk No.127 Glodok Jakarta Barat DKI Jakarta 11180

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